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Although Adastra Aerial Surveys has ceased to exist, the name lives on:


The Raincoat

The Vineyard


But wait, there's more:

At the time of writing (18th September 2004) a Google search for "Adastra" produces 198,000 results. These include the following:

A Musicians Agency
Software for General Practitioners
Astronomy Software called "Adastra Freestar"
Venture Capitalists
A font (computer typeface) called "Adastra"
Web Designers
Multimedia Consultants
A Tennis Club
Adastra Minerals Inc
A statue of an archer atop the Kansas Capitol Dome
A Recoding Studio
Film Makers
Electronics Manufacturers
A sailplane called the Johnson Adastra
A Canadian airline called Adastra Aviation Ltd.

There is even "Adastra Babes", apparently a porn site which is thankfully no longer active!
However, one of the more noble applications of the Adastra name is a very fine looking catamaran charter boat which features a familiar colour:

The Charter Boat

If you wish to see for yourself how widespread the name is, click the "Google Search" button below.