Adastra's letterheads chronicle the company's places of business over the years.

1930 Aerodrome, Mascot.
1937 Derwent House, corner of Castlereagh and Liverpool Streets, Sydney.
1940 41-43 Lords Road, Mascot.
1952-58 41-43 Vickers Avenue. (Lords Road had been renamed Vickers Avenue. Perhaps this was because there is a Lord Street in the same district)
1960 41-45 Vickers Avenue (reflects the acquisition of the building on the corner of Vickers Avenue and Tenth Street)


Adastra's head office at 41-43 Vickers Avenue Mascot in 1954. Click here for names.
Picture: Ken Pares


Adastra's head office at 41-43 Vickers Avenue Mascot in 1966. A vestibule has been added to the front and the company name changed from Adastra to Adastra Aerial Surveys and the presentation changed from vertical to horizontal. See here for more information on the glass doors. The adjoining building at the right of the image is 45 Vickers Avenue which was also owned by Adastra. This building was on the corner of Vickers Avenue and Tenth Street. Picture: Ron Cuskelly


This 1951 aerial photograph of Mascot shows the location of Adastra's administration buildings.
Picture: Source unknown
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Head Office, 41-43 Vickers Avenue.
Reprographics and Drawing Office. Later Photogrammetry and later still Colour Laboratory.
Corner of Vickers Avenue and Tenth Street. Stores Department and Lunch Room.
39 Vickers Avenue. This adjoining house was demolished and a new Photogrammetry and Drawing Office erected.
This is the approximate location in Tenth Street of a former military building known to Adastra staff as "The Hut". It housed additional drawing offices.
The approximate location of Adastra's Hangar 13 which was relocated from the western end of the aerodrome in the mid fifties when Qantas Hangar 96 was constructed. This photo appears to show the commencement of earthworks for the construction of the eastern apron.