Type: Aero Commander 680F
MSN: 1036-52
Previous Identities: N6205X


14APR61 Registered as N6205X. (Source: Barry Collman)
23MAY61 Registered N6205X to Air Carrier Service Corp., Washington DC. (Source: Barry Collman)
06JUL62 Registered VH-KRA to King Ranch Pastoral Co Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Vic. CofR No 3462.
10JUN69 Registered VH-KRA to QASCO (NG) Pty Ltd, Boroko, PNG.
08APR74 Registered VH-KRA to QASCO Aerial Surveys, Brisbane, Qld.
09MAY75 Registered VH-KRA to Executive Air Services, Essendon, Vic.
03JUN75 Registered VH-KRA to Adastra Aerial Surveys, Mascot, NSW.
06MAR76 Competed in the Qantas Air Race from Moorabbin to Swan Hill and return. (Source: Ian MacNeill)
22APR77 Registered VH-KRA to East-West Airlines Ltd, Tamworth, NSW.
12SEP79 Registered VH-KRA to R.A. Cowley, Morisset Park, NSW. trading as Cowley Airways. (Source: Russell Legg)
JUN80 By this time R.A. Cowley was trading as Cowley / Research Australia Corporation. (Source: Russell Legg)
DEC80 Noted with Cowley Airways Ltd. Australia titles. (Source: Russell Legg)
16JAN81 Registered VH-KRA to Michael K. Jones, Mackay, Qld. trading as Pioneer Airlines / Pioneer Flight Centre. (Source: Russell Legg)
08AUG81 Noted at Maitland Airport, NSW still with Cowley Airways Ltd. Australia titles. (Source: Russell Legg)
20JAN82 Withdrawn from use.
25JUL02 Noted on the fire dump at Mackay Airport.
JUN04 Noted at Mackay Airport. The airframe is mounted on a trailer and used for fire fighting and rescue drills.
05JAN08 Still present mounted on a trailer at Mackay Airport. (Source: Russell Legg)

Issue Date Remarks
5 16JUN15
Added a reference to the aircraft competing in the Qantas Air Race on 06MAR76. Thanks to Ian MacNeill.
4 30AUG08
Added an image while with King Ranch. Thanks to Greg Banfield and Eddie Coates.
3 15JUN08
Several updates thanks to Russell Legg and Barry Collman. Added two new images thanks to Mike Madden and Roger McDonald.
2 14JUN04
Added a recent report from Mackay as well as a photo. Thanks to Cliff Robinson.
1 22JAN03
Original Issue. Thanks to Tony Arbon.