A crowded Adastra hangar at Mascot in 1956. The only aeroplane which can be positively identified is Anson VH-AVT. This Anson was re-registered VH-AGA in March 1957. The Dragon in the foreground is probably VH-AGC which Adastra sold in September 1958. Edge Adams seems to recall that the Hudson is VH-AGG. It is believed that VH-AGG was the only Hudson to carry an unfaired DF loop so this probably is VH-AGG. The earthworks going on in front of the hangar suggest that this might be Hangar 13 which Adastra occupied around this time. Aircraft magazine of September 1956 states: "The new 35,000 hangar is now nearing completion at Sydney Airport, but occupation date is uncertain due to delay in construction of taxiways to give aircraft access to the new tarmac area." Photo: Edge Adams (EA-01)
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