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Have you ever wondered what Adastra's DC-3 might have looked like if the company had ever got around to painting the aeroplane in the green scheme? Similarly the Catalina, and wouldn't it have been great to see a Mustang in Adastra colours? Then there was talk of Trackers and Canberras and even a demonstration flight in an HS-125 executive jet. What would they have looked like in Adastra livery?

Although some of these aeroplanes may never have progressed beyond the "hangar talk" phase, others such as the DC-3 and the Catalina did enter service with Adastra. None of Adastra's aeroplanes were "hangar queens". They all earned their keep, spending many months away from base in conditions not conducive to maintaining an aeroplane in pristine condition. Given the time and the opportunity, Adastra's engineers would produce an immaculately turned out aeroplane, but it never stayed that way for long! Possibly these same engineers felt that they had been denied the opportunity to dress up some of their charges and no doubt it was hoped that the DC-3 and the Catalina would get the full treatment one day. Sadly it was never to be and many were left wondering what they would have looked like. These "Flights of Fancy" are for all those who wondered but particularly for the engineers who may have felt denied the opportunity to "set things right".


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