Hudson VH-AGX at Adelaide. In an attempt to identify the circumstances and the participants, this photo was referred to Ted McKenzie for comment:

"I checked my log book and that shows that the date of the photo of AGX must have been 20 December 1962. We had just done an APR survey out of Forrest and the aircraft had developed an oil leak so we were heading home flying short legs so we didn't run out of oil on that side. Hence the run-up at Adelaide. Cannot be certain about the engineer, no names in log, but memory tells me it was Pappy Cattanach. Mike Wood had been with us at Forrest. We went on to Melbourne that day and had a night there. Max Garroway was there with a crew and we left the following day to arrive back at Mascot in time for the Christmas Party."

Mike Wood subsequently advised that the APR technician on the Forrest trip was Doug Scott.

Photo: Geoff Goodall