Type: CAC CA-18 Mustang Mk 21
MSN: 1429
Previous Identities: A68-104
Subsequent Identities: VH-BOB


NOV47 Brought on charge by the RAAF as A68-104.
APR58 Stored at RAAF Tocumwal and struck off charge.
23SEP60 Sold to Taren Point Non-Ferrous Metals Pty Ltd, Sydney, NSW.
60 Sold to A.J.R. "Titus" Oates, Sydney, NSW.
DEC61 It was reported in the Journal of the Aviation Historical Society of Australia (Vol 2 No 12, Dec 1961) that Adastra had purchased Mustang VH-FCB along with A68-104 and A68-187. This report would appear to have stemmed from a sighting of VH-FCB on the Adastra apron at Mascot. Photo
Register files do not show Adastra as having owned VH-FCB.
14MAR62 Applications for CofA and Registration were submitted by Sepal Pty. Limited (signed by Jack McDonald). The Application for CofA specifies the intended purpose as "High altitude photography 25,000 feet to 38,000 feet". Subsequently, the registration VH-AGV was allotted. (NAA: C3905/8, VH/AGV)
The registration VH-AGV was not taken up. It is presumed that the survey conversion of A68-104 was never begun as it had earlier emerged during the attempted conversion of A68-187 that there was insufficient accommodation in the fuselage for a camera operator. The aircraft was stored on the grass outside Adastra's hangar 13 at Mascot for several years. It has been established that there is no mention of Adastra in the log books for VH-BOB which suggests that Adastra never performed any work on the aircraft.
29JUN64 The Mustang was moved out of Flight Facilities hangar (next to Adastra's Hangar 13) at Mascot to make room for Super Canso VH-UMS which required an engine change. The long dormant Mustang was reported to be owned by John Aitken, a captain with Airlines of NSW. (Source: NSW Air Log). However John Aitken was an associate and personal friend of Tony Fisher, and was probably looking after the movement of the Mustang on behalf of Fisher.
02AUG64 Departed from Mascot flown by Chris Braund on delivery to Tony Fisher, Jerilderie, NSW. For the ferry flight, the aircraft carried no markings and used the radio call-sign "NA68". (Source: NSW Air Log). Tony Fisher based Mustangs A68-104 & A68-193 on a farm strip near Jerilderie owned by his close friend Val Chapman. Fisher had purchased A68-193 from a scrap metal dealer who was melting down the last of the many RAAF aircraft stored at Tocumwal, and flew it from Tocumwal to Jerilderie in January 1964. Both Mustangs flew occasionally at Jerilderie and as far afield as farm properties at Swan Hill VIC and Barham NSW.
OCT70 Sold to Robert Eastgate, Melbourne, Vic.
26MAR73 Flown from Jerilderie to Essendon, Melbourne, Vic.
26FEB76 Added to the Register as VH-BOB. First flown after restoration at Essendon. Painted as A68-104.
05APR08 Damaged in a wheels-up landing at Point Cook, Vic. A jammed right main landing gear door prevented gear extension so the aircraft was intentionally landed wheels-up on the grass.

Issue Date Remarks
7 27MAY21
Added a reference to Mustang VH-FCB in DEC61.
6 23JUN18
Added two images of A68-104 thanks to Geoff Goodall.
5 13MAY08
Added reference to wheels-up landing at Point Cook on 05APR08.
4 19AUG05
Added at 14MAR62 a reference extracted from NAA:C3905/8, VH/AGV thanks to David Muir.
3 10MAY04
Elaborated on the movements of the aircraft from 1960 to 1964 thanks to Geoff Goodall.
2 06MAY04
Thanks to recent research by Geoff Goodall, it is now considered unlikely that this aircraft was owned by Adastra. Also added a photo of the aircraft stored outside the Adastra hangar, probably in late 1964.
1 22JAN03
Original Issue. Thanks to Geoff Goodall.

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