Type: CAC CA-18 Mustang Mk 22
MSN: 1512
Previous Identities: A68-187
Subsequent Identities: VH-FHT (NTU)
N151SU (NTU)


OCT50 Brought on charge by the RAAF as A68-187.
APR58 Struck off charge and stored at RAAF Tocumwal, Vic.
23APR58 Sold to A.J.R. "Titus" Oates, Sydney, NSW.
60 Sold to Sepal/Adastra, Mascot, NSW.
DEC61 It was reported in the Journal of the Aviation Historical Society of Australia (Vol 2 No 12, Dec 1961) that Adastra had purchased Mustang VH-FCB along with A68-104 and A68-187. This report would appear to have stemmed from a sighting of VH-FCB on the Adastra apron at Mascot. Photo
Register files do not show Adastra as having owned VH-FCB.
14MAR62 Applications for CofA and Registration were submitted by Sepal Pty. Limited (signed by Jack McDonald). The Application for CofA specifies the intended purpose as "High altitude photography 25,000 feet to 38,000 feet". Subsequently, the registration VH-AGJ was allotted. (NAA: C3905/8, VH/AGJ)
The registration VH-AGJ was not taken up. The conversion was abandoned when it emerged that there was insufficient accommodation in the fuselage for a camera operator.
62 Sold to Fawcett Aviation, Bankstown, NSW. Stored in the open at Bankstown as A68-187.
67 Placed on poles at the premises of Chieftain Flying School as an advertising display.
JUL69 Sold to Hockey Treloar, Sydney, NSW.
69 Registration VH-FHT was allocated but not taken up.
15AUG71 Aircraft was photographed at Bankstown with a Rolls Royce Dart 510 fitted.
72 Aircraft was transported to Canberra where the Dart conversion continued.
MAR73 Registration VH-UFO was allocated but not taken up. Although the aircraft was ground run, it was never flown in the Dart configuration. Attempts to have the aeroplane certified were abandoned.
90 Stored at Toowoomba, Qld.
95 Shipped to the USA.
AUG95 Registered N919WJ to World Jet Inc, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
AUG95 Sold to Frank Borman of Las Cruces, NM.
96 Registration N151SU to Frank Borman was not taken up.
DEC96 Registered N50FS to Frank Borman/Picacho Aviation, Las Cruces, NM.
16DEC96 First flown at Chino, CA as a two-seat TF-51D with Merlin engine. The aircraft is operated in the USA painted as "474839/TF-839" and named "SU SU II"

Issue Date Remarks
4 27MAY21
Added a reference to Mustang VH-FCB in DEC61.
3 26AUG05
Added an image of the aircraft as N50FS thanks to Curtis Fowles.
2 19AUG05
Added at 14MAR62 a reference extracted from NAA:C3905/8, VH/AGJ thanks to David Muir.
1 22JAN03
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