Chris Braund's Mustang VH-FCB under the nose of DC-3 VH-AGU on the Adastra ramp at Mascot in October 1961. There is a belief that Chris Braund worked for Adastra but a personal acquaintance, Nev Williams, stated in 2016 that Chris Braund never worked for Adastra. However he did fly Hudson VH-SMM on aerial survey work for World Wide Aerial Surveys before this aircraft was acquired by Adastra and he did fly Hudsons and DC-3s with East-West Airlines. While it is possible that he may have flown freelance for Adastra on an ad hoc basis, it now seems certain that he was never a full-time employee. The presence of Braund's Mustang on the Adastra ramp cannot be explained although it is likely that the aircraft was visiting for engineering attention. The Mustang's registration VH-FCB is derived from its owner's initials - Frederick Christopher Braund. Photo: Kevin Pavlich