The Adastra Office Cricket Team after training at Mascot Oval 24/12/70. From left: Barry Howe (Capt.), John Wilson, John McCarthy, Ron Abbot, Robert Montgomery, Dennis Heusner, David Urquhart (Umpire), Bob Killingsworth (Umpire) and Ken Snell. They were preparing for a match after being challenged by an Aircrew/Hangar team when they hoped to be all at home base the following month (24/1/71). This occurred, but what the office team players were not aware of was that Hal McKinley's (Nav.) brother-in-law Ian Davidson was turning up to play for aircrew/hangar team with the resultant thrashing when Ian bowled most of them out in quick time. This was played by the Georges River at Como Cricket Field with a Keg brought along for necessary cooling; in retrospect, it really wasn't cricket! Photo: Ken Snell (KS-001)