Although this photo was taken for the benefit of the RAN Wessex helicopter (WA200) in the foreground, it also provides an excellent view of Adastra's Hangar 13 at Mascot. It is estimated that the photo would have been taken in late 1966, based on the following. DC-3 VH-AGU, which can be seen inside the hangar with its tail elevated, received modifications to its aeromag equipment around October 1966. Hudson VH-SMM, which can be seen on the apron, was photographed inside the hangar in December 1966 having major modifications to the nose compartment. The Hudson emerged from the hangar in February 1967 re-registered as VH-AGJ. Therefore it would appear that when this photo was taken, the Hudson was waiting to enter the hangar after the DC-3 was completed. Picture: Dave Prossor via Bob Livingstone