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(30 April 2003 to 12 August 2007)


Philip L Jackson
I came across your site whilst looking at the history of VH-AGJ. I was very impressed by the effort which has been put into developing this site and particularly documenting the aircraft histories.
Regards Philip L Jackson
1731 12AUG07

Jock Head
Stumbled across the Adastra website, what great stuff and which brought back such fond memories. Adastra was the start of my flying career and one could not have had a better apprenticeship into aviation. I flew C206 DGD, AC AGA, C185 AGE and C320 DRK from 1970 - 1976. Spent a little time instructing then joined what was then Division National Mapping, latter to become Auslig, to fly their Nomad DNM, and C421 DRB amongst others, to eventually retire in 1992. Would love to correspond with any of the old crew.
Regards Jock Head.
1706 25JUN07

Dagmar (nee Bragg)
You can't imagine my surprise surfing the net looking for Lionel Maurice Van Praag. He built the flat which I live in. It is called Dorset. He knocked on the door one day and well that was the early 80'sl. I asked him in and offered him a cup of tea. Such a modest gentleman. You can't imagine my surprise when he said I knew your father. We flew together in war and "peace".....Van was a man of few words but greater honour. The 3rd surprise was when I returned from overseas and booked a cheap flight from Brisbane north. The plane looked so small on the tarmac. It was AD-DF we hit turbulance and I went to the cockpit. There was no co-pilot. He oiffered me the co-pilot's seat. I said we're flying at 25,000 feet. It's OK Dags you know your father and I could land any crate. Yes, I know cut the fuel line 2 mins. before landing or ditching! Those WW11 pilots knew their stuff. The ex-army pilot was my Dad.
Regards Dagmar
1651 20JUN07
Nev Williams
Stumbled across this today after being into the site on numerous times but looking at Neptune Photos and History. What a blast from the past. I am in the Staff List. Engineer from 1968-to early 1970. First job was with Dave Brennan at Derby and then on to Halls Creek. I was there when John Messenger was impaled by the ceiling fan. (I was a bit involved there). Peter Shute then joined us. One omission of the List that I can see is Don Forsyth Pilot, 1968?-1970+, Was DC3 Co-Pilot and I think that he may have flown the Aero Commander. I saw Brian Costello in Brisbane some years ago but no one else from the Adastra Days. Would dearly like to get in touch with Peter Shute and John Messenger. As a result of John Messenger's accident we spent a lot of time at the AIM Hospital at Halls creek and I married the Matron 15 Months later. We have been living in Brisbane since 1970. Worked in General Aviation for a few years then as an Instructor for TAFE, finishing up as Principal Teacher Aircraft Section. Past 15 years saw us with our own business supporting Computer accounting systems and playing at retirement. Thanks, Nev.
1657 24MAY07
Jean-Jacques Barret
I worked in 1970 for sapa ( french society ) and I met Derek Minter in Angola as data compiler for this job during several months in Nova Lisboa, after I have worked for marine survey in many locations.
2203 28NOV06
I have been searching for an old friend by the name of Barry Tutungi and come across your website that shows a picture of a young man by that name in the 1950’s. The last time I heard from him was about 8-10 years ago and at that time he was staying in UK. Barry moved back to UK sometime around 1986, after his retirement working for a company called Heli Orient in Singapore. Before that, Barry had worked in Brunei. He is an aircraft engineer by training and was the Manager of the Aircraft Maintenance Division of Heli Orient and subsequently was it’s Technical Director. (circa 1980 to 1986) I am wondering whether the young man in your website picture is the same person and if it is, whether you have any further information of his present whereabout. Thank you. Kind Regards, Chong Singapore.
1918 22AUG06
Leonard (Len) G. Waddell
I picked up your website from the latest AOPA magazine and it is a great credit to those who have put it together. The Hudson crashes brought back some memories as I can recall when they happened. I was a student pilot at Moorabbin in the 1960’s at Peninsula Air Services under the CFI Robin Walpole. I remember very well John Collins and the Cessna 185. Many times on my navex’s John would hear me on the radio and call for a chat from the C185 somewhere.
1256 17AUG06
Geoff Lambert
I have visited your website a few times- very impressive. I am interested in aerial photos generally, but more particularly of North Head on Sydney Harbour, because I am writing a history of it. North Head was one of the first areas systematically photographed around Sydney, being a special large-scale job in 1929, probably because the Army was thinking about acquiring it for Defence purposes. Today (7-Jul-2006) I came across a Manly Council Engineer's Report dated 22-Jan-1936, in which he reports that Adastra had approached him offering to sell the Council a large scale aerial photo of the Municipality for 50 pounds. I am sure the Council took up the offer, because they saw that it would "help in their deliberations." In any event, the photo print still exists and has hung for many years in the foyer of the Town Hall, and is still there, attracting interested comment. I would judge from the date of the letter that the photo would have been taken in 1935. Does anybody know?
1729 07JUL06
Frank Young
Brilliant site; a lot of dedication; and valuable history. I am ex-R.A.Survey Corps and were aware of the company product, some of the staff and the Hudson's popping rivets.
1326 05JUL06
Peter Lilley
Sutter Creek
Hi, This is Peter Lilley. Ex Huntings, GIC Australia and Geometrics USA. I last wrote in the guestbook sometime in 2003. Am retired and still living in Sutter Creek, California USA. I keep in touch often with Doug Morrison another ex GIC compatriot and I believe a Honorary Adastrian. I have been back to Aussie on vacation in 2004 and 05 and planning to come over again in Sept 2006, and will stay with Doug for a short time as I did in 04 and 05. When working with Huntings UK in the 1960's one two of my colleagues came over to Australia and worked as Datamen on an Adastra run survey the Territory out of Katherine. David Closier and I believe maybe Tony Putnam. David Closier susequently came over to Australia around 1973 and worked with me in GIC as I was responsible for him coming over. Not sure where David is now. But he lives in Australia somewhere, South Australia I think. (We called him Lurch, a term thought up by Les Snape an ex Adastrian, and GIC, because of Davids way of walking) I currently work part time at my local Chamber of Commerce. Several weeks ago an Australian guy on vacation dropped in the office to get directions. He came from Melbourne and in the course of our brief conversation he told me he was a Hudson pilot with Adastra for a short time sometime in the 1960's?. Unfortunately our conversation was all too brief and he had to get on the road again before I had time to get his name. He was quite a lively andjolly person, normal build, probably in his late 60's. I think he said he also flew for the Geological Survey or Dept of Mineral Resources. Please let me know if any of you Adastrians think you might know who he is. As Doug Morrison is also interested as well. By the way, I also worked with Derek Minter an ex Adastian for a short time. I was project Manager for Geometrics in Zambia in the middle 70's where Derek met and married his wife Kate. You have a great site and has grown rapidly since a last looked. Keep up the good work.
1624 10JUN06
Robert Mitchell
My father, Bob Mitchell flew Anson aircraft for Adastra from 6 March 1951 to 1 April 1954. The highlight of his time at Adastra was meeting his future wife, my mother, at Kingaroy in QLD. The lowlight was crash landing an Anson at Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne on Good Friday 1953 after the starboard engine cut out during takeoff. I have a number of photographs from his time at Adastra. Dad was previously an RAF instructor in Canada during WW2 and a ground attack pilot with the RAF after the war flying Mosquito and Tempest VI aircraft with 8 Squadron at Aden in the middle east. He resigned from the RAF and emigrated to Australia in 1947. Dad passed away in December 2004 aged 81.
1317 25APR06 (ANZAC Day)
Penny E. Sawtell
My Dad worked for Adastra in the fifties in Australia and New Guinea.
2123 08APR06
Peter J R Sharpe
Subic Bay
I flew in PNG for over 32 years and knew both Dick Glassey (who passed away a number of years ago) and Dean Darcey who died recently. A very interesting read. Peter Sharpe.
1325 20MAR06
Kym Stucke nee Sellick
My father, Bruce Sellick, passed away peacefully on 11 March 2005. My father joined Adastra as a Pilot in the late 1950s. Today I discovered this website and was fascinated to find stories and photos about my father. I loved the story about the sick bag - dad had never mentioned that one to me! His flying career, which spanned over 40 years included WW2, Korea, QANTAS, Adastra and ANSETT. Bruce is sadly missed by us all.
2034 16MAR06
Leslie Hall
Co. Down
Northern Ireland
I worked for Hunting Surveys in England as an Electronics Engineer and was sent out to Australia in Nov 1959 to install a Marconi Doppler Navigator in Dakota VH-AGU. After the installation at Mascot, VH-AGU flew to Cairns where we were to carry out an aerial survey of the Great Barrier Reef using the Doppler system for control. We were based mostly in Cairns but spent time at Cooktown, Iron Range, and Thursday Island during the survey flying. I finished my part of the work in March 1960 and moved on to Pakistan on a Land Survey contract for Huntings.
0159 24FEB06
Capt. Trevor Stahlhut
I worked as an aerial survey pilot for Qasco Air Surveys from 1981 until 1987. One of my duties was to clean out the old equipment stored in a house just down the road from the existing Qasco Office in Baulkham Hills. During this clean-up I encountered all the old Adastra Survey equipment and records. Even the old black Zeiss cameras were stored there. I remember seeing many items and records with Lionel's name attached. I flew C206 VH-DGD, C320 VH-DRK, C402 VH-CJA. To date the most enjoyable time of my flying career has been as a survey pilot. I do not have enough time to explain here. Presently I am the Vice President of a small airline in Indonesia, and still flying online occasionally with check and training duties thrown in as well. If more info required relating Adastra archives, contact Bernie Moriarty and Keith Stapley and ask where the old items were stored after the clean up at Baulkham Hills. Best regards for the future of your web site.
1420 20FEB06
Dennis Gray
I flew with a few of the pilots mentioned here and at one stage of my career was hoping to get into Adastra with the help of my father who was in TAA putting in a good word, but I went down a different path and landed up in PNG with Patair and Ansett. It's great to see people work together to to get such a comprehensive history for us to read. Hopefully other airlines will go this way so our kids can read about their parents histories. I was too late in getting REALLY interested in my father's history and worse still his older brother's, which my cousin and I have delved into to find an incredibly interesting pilot who would have landed up in the flight department of which ever airline he would have been in or else, high up in the pilot's federation. He was killed in a Guinea Airways Lockheed 14 crash near Darwin in 1942. We have been able to find the truth of the incident this year by being able to access secret war time documents that nicely covered up some RAAF mistakes so that the pilots got lumbered with all the blame. If we had have started that investigation fifteen years ago we could have asked my father who was also flying in the area for Guinea Airways too and had taken part in the search and questioned by the investigators. The crash wasn't located for two months till a bushfire revealed the twisted metal strewn in long grass. Get the interesting info out of the old blokes before it's too late! Dennis Gray
1019 31DEC05
John P Brinegar
I was a SHORAN operator in the Canadian Arctic on B-17 CF-HBP in 1956 and '57. HBP was owned by Kenting Aviation at the time. I found your site thru a Google search on "B-17 CF-HBP" and found your photos and info on this fine old aircraft. I have several photos of this plane and its people, and wonderful memories of this period.
0146 29DEC05
Katrina Davis
My uncle was Joe Linfoot. He and his wife were killed in crash of Hudson VH-AGO on 24Jun57 at Horn Island.
1658 28DEC05
Phil Herdman
I have lived in Gove for past 25 years and researching local history for nearly as long. Whist my main project is the war years I am covering the entire history of the Gove Peninsula which will keep me busy for a few years yet. In my collection of hundreds of local photos I have none of the activities of Adastra in Gove. Can anyone help? Cheers Phil
1246 25NOV05
Richard Keeling
What a small world, my father was Capt Bob Keeling! My father died at an early age in 1963. As a child he tried to take me for a flight in the survey Prince from Bovingdon but it had to be aborted due to main gear brake overheat on taxi. I can remember the aircraft in Stavenger in Norway about 1952, we flew there in DC3.
2052 10NOV05
Kevin McGregor
Western Australia
Interesting to see information & history on C180 VH-ASP that we have owned since 1982.
0014 25OCT05
Julie Toll
Very informative with great naration and photos.
1038 11OCT05
Dave Cahill
New South Wales
I was fortunate to work for GeoMetrics as a Data Tech in the early 80's and attempted to 'point pick' (flight path recovery) my way around the back of Western Queensland and the Kimberley, with the talented and charming Britten Norman Islander (VH-UWV & VH-FLD) crews. Aerial Survey folklore students were always thrilled with anecdotal bar room lessons from some of the older characters (Les Snape always had me in stitches), many of whom had worked for Adastra at some stage. The odd ferry flights between jobs enabled the data tech to really appreciate the difference in working conditions, ie air v ground, and also the importance of knowing how to identify which is the 'right' water container to drink out of on long ferry flights. This site is a wonderful tribute to the men and women who make up part of the rich tapestry of Australian Aviation history. Kind Regards.
0310 20JUL05
Kate Ferguson (Grandaughter of George Charlwood)
I loved seeing photos of Pop at such a young age and learning things about him that I didn't know.
1306 30JUN05
Arthur Gerald Goldsbrough
W. Yorks.
My memory of Lionel is as a speedway rider not long after the war. It would be 1947 or 1948, and he was capatin of the Australian team, taking on England at Odsal, Bradford. It was my first speedway match. I decided to see if there was anything on the web regarding Lionel and was pleased to see that there was. I was pleased to find this reference to him, as I was not aware of his wartime experiences, and I do not think that these experiences should be lost.
0158 30JUN05
Graham Campbell
I lived in Lae as a small boy, my father Dave Campbell a pilot with Mandated Airlines. During 1958 when Adastra came back to town, I met Bob Cozens, who kindly helped me out by building a fairly complicated model aircraft which was a bit too advanced for an 11-year old. My good mate Peter Ramsay and I spent a fair bit of time with Bob at the MAL mess where the crew lived. Peter and I put the hard word on Alan Motteram for a ride in the Hudson. He finally agreed, and we were organised to be at the Mess at 7am on the appointed day, 8th June I think, just 5 days before my 12th birthday. We turned up at the right time, only to learn that the Hudson had departed an hour earlier than planned, as the weather in the target area looked like it might not hold out. We were told to go down to the Adastra tarmac when the Hudson was returning, and Alan would see if he could take us on a short local flight. A little later we were at the top of the big hill, excited about the flight, when the Hudson rejoined the circuit. I had my back to the airstrip: all of a sudden I heard a strange noise, and turned to see a nothing but an unusual large disturbance in the water, and just the quick flash of a wingtip or rudder as the Hudson slipped under. Peter had been watching, and saw it all. We stood there like stunned mullets as as a ski boat zoomed across from Voco Point and pulled a body from the water. The Adastra crew was well known and very popular, and the whole town was just brought to a halt. Peter and I were quite profoundly effected, and rarely spoke about it again.

0314 27JUN05
Ron Barker
South Australia
I met some of the crews of Adastra aircraft all over the place, and I worked for Jim Hilferty at Rotorwork Helicopters after he left Adastra.
2039 12JUN05
Thomas Laucke
South Australia
I have finally found something of interest, I will continue to check the site for further updates. the stories and locations of ADASTRA are fantastic, I am so impressed, that I will, over the next few years endeavour to restore one of my Avro Ansons (now in storage) to look like one of the ADASTRA Ansons,.....I also have Oxford cowlings.
2042 03JUN05


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Patrick Ryan
Sydney, NSW Australia
Found by * Search Engine *
My name is Patrick Ryan, and I stumbled onto your wonderful site while searching for pictures of Gearin O'Riordan's factory on O'Riordan st Mascot where my father, brother and myself worked, but alas none of us have any pictures of the factory. Hope someone reading this can help.

Kind Regards.
-Tuesday, May 17, 2005 at 09:21:39 (EST)
John Fincher
Tarwin Lower, Victoria Australia
Found by * Magazine *
Enjoyed * Aircraft *
Re VH-AGS & the magnetometer boom - in mid-1962 I was transferred to NSW Region of DCA as Airworthiness Aircraft Performance Engineer. One of the first projects I was involved with was a flight test on Hudson -AGS fitted with a magnetometer boom. This was carried out in August 1962. The flight crew consisted of John Thorpe, Ted Barden and myself representing DCA, and with Ted McKenzie as the pilot. The flight handling characteristics were virtually unchanged and the aircraft was "bounced around" a little to satisfy us that the boom did not significantly move in flight. To this end the floor hatch was removed and a rearward-facing mirror attached so that someone lying on the floor behind the hatch could look rearward by the mirror and view the afterpart of the boom. This task was "allotted" to my colleague Ted Barden who in order to more or less attach himself to the aircraft had his feet wrapped around some webbing attached to the rear bulkhead. I remember after one particularly energetic switchback manoeuvre there came a large bang from the rear of the aircraft. I was sitting in the RH pilot seat next to Ted McKenzie and remember us both looking at each other in horror as we thought something had broken. It was however no more than Ted Barden rising from the floor, hitting the ceiling and then bouncing back onto the floor again. That was the only flight test that we carried out at that time on this particular aircraft and I don't know what became of the installation after that time, however, the date of August 1962 is correct as my period of tenure in NSW Region was for 12 months only from July '62 to July '63.
-Friday, April 01, 2005 at 15:09:24 (EST)
Geoffrey Kennell
Nelspruit, Rep. of South Africa
Found by * Search Engine *
Enjoyed * Adastriana *
Hey, what a wonderful discovery your web site is I flew with Hunting Geophysics as electronics Tech. First went to Canada on the Canso`s to gain experience on EM Equip. then back to Huntings Borehamwood, and fitted our DC3 G-AMYW with the new equipment, and did a trial survey on Isle of Man, then off to Africa,I remember many of the names Al Palmer Bob Keeling, T Hedges, and many others who must have joined Adastra.
I am 81 years old now, but still love life and well.
Cheers all you intrepid Aerial Survey chaps, but remember the pioneers.
Geoff Kennell
Darkest Africa!!
-Sunday, March 27, 2005 at 23:38:38 (EST)
Gail Ferguson (daughter of George Charlwood)
Carwoola, NSW Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *
heard about Adastra over the years, now great to see info on the net
-Saturday, March 26, 2005 at 16:23:05 (EST)
Ron Sharrock
Moruya, NSW Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
-Thursday, March 24, 2005 at 08:19:59 (EST)
Eemnes, Holland Europa
Found by * Search Engine *
Enjoyed * Aircraft *

my name is Everard Bakker, and I am coming from Holland. In 2001, I started to write about a Dutch Royal Marines who was during World War II airgunner and served the Dutch 320 Squadron RAF.

This man, Mr Jonker, is still alive. He is 88 years old and has a really good mind. He is living in the house of Dutch veterans in Arnhem Holland, called Bronbeek. Look for more information about Bronbeek; ( www.bronbeek.nl )

Till today I'm still working (in my freetime) of this unbelieveable life-story. And I still can confirm that his life-story has really took place.

In 1941 and 1942 the Dutch 320 squadron was serving Coastal Command RAF. They flew from Scotland/ Leuchars.

The airgunners made flights with the Lockheed Hudson, from sometimes 8 hours!

Why do I send this message?
I searched on the internet and found out that in Coolangatta, is a museum with a original Lockheed Hudson.

This Lockheed Hudson has also a original turret. For the book of Mr Jonker I have searched around the world for a Lockheed Hudson with a original turret.
I am very interesting of pictures of the interior of that Lockheed Hudson, especially from the turret.

could you help me? Do you know some one who can help me with pictures of that interior/ turret of that Lockheed Hudson?

Yours Sincereley,

Everard Bakker
Holland/ Europa

-Friday, March 18, 2005 at 18:13:14 (EST)
Geoff Linfoot
Sydney, Found by * Search Engine *
Does anyone know the wherabouts of Christine Collis or Jim Page? Would like to meet up with them after all these years
-Saturday, March 12, 2005 at 21:48:21 (EST)
Eino Aapro
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Found by * Search Engine *
Enjoyed * Album *
It was comforting to see an old friend still around even if not active.
I flew as a camara operator doing high altitude vertical photography in B17G CF-HBP. Mapping of the Canadian North back in 1967 /68
-Friday, February 25, 2005 at 08:13:02 (EST)
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *
-Friday, February 18, 2005 at 20:19:20 (EST)
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *
-Tuesday, February 15, 2005 at 07:23:14 (EST)
jason novak /postal address/136 seymour street bathurst/
bathurst, n.s.w australia
am looking for information on a.j.r. titus .oates /and the mosquito vh-klg/issued to oates/for 1953 london to christchurch/air race. oates name is mentioned in adastra website / titus oates lived in bathurst.nsw.red mustang vh-aub flew bathurst airways in 1960.titus oates name is legendary in oral history/whatever information can be given to me would be greatly appreciated by myself sincerely jason novak 24/1/2005
-Monday, January 24, 2005 at 14:01:33 (EST)
Michael Heugh
Wardell, nsw Australia
Found by * Magazine *
Enjoyed * Aircraft *
This web site brought back memories of when I was a 13 year
old living at Wewak,Papua New Guinea in the 1960's and I
think it was about 1964 there was an Adastra Aerial Surveys
Lockheed Hudson stationed at Wewak for a period of time and
the pilots name was Ken Rowlands, he was later killed in the
Hudson crash at Tennant Creek in 1966. Ken was a nice fellow and we would often watch him fly the Hudson past
the Wewak hill and visit him at the Boram airstrip, and on
one occasion he showed us through the aircraft.
Even though all this took place all that time ago there are
things you don't forget. So the sight of that green and white Lockeed Hudson has stayed in memory since then.
The only thing I can't remember is the registration of the
aircraft. Would anyone know if the Hudsons carried out any survey
work from Lae, PNG?

-Friday, January 21, 2005 at 12:26:35 (EST)
Chris Rowland
St. Albans, Herts UK
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *
Along with Derek Minter and Dave Richards, who also feature on your site, I worked for Hunting Geology & Geophysics in the UK as a data processor. I did a secondment to work with Adastra in 1972 on a geophysics project in NT north-west of Borroloola. We transited up via Longreach and Mount Isa as I recall and lobbed in to Borroloola with the intention of flying the survey from there. No chance! Not enough fuel for a thirsty DC3 so after lunch at the pub/motel/store (in fact pretty much the only building of any note I think)we ended up in Katherine. The Corrobereee Motel was our base. Thought we were going to move on to another survey afterwards but didn't come off so went back to Sydney. While there we were told to wait for a few days as HGG thought they had a project brewing, but no joy again. So back to the UK after about 3 weeks.

Have been back to Oz many times since and spent some years up to 2001 working for BHP, first in London and more latterly in Melbourne with the Falcon Team. Great memories and great people.
-Monday, December 27, 2004 at 07:19:15 (EST)
Alan R Craigie
Melbourne, Victoria Australia
Found by * Link *
Enjoyed * All *
Having flown C185, VH-AGE, out of Melbourne in about 1970, I found it interesting to see many names of fellow employees that I had met during my time with the company, some of whom I have run into in various parts of the world during the years since. I think that the whole web site is great with a mine of information, which is probably little known to even many people who were involved with the company. Keep up the work.
-Wednesday, November 10, 2004 at 12:04:55 (EST)
Frank Archer
Ipswich, QLD Australia
Found by * Link *
Enjoyed * Operations *
An interesting collection of stories and photo's
-Monday, November 08, 2004 at 11:37:07 (EST)
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Melbourne, Vic Australia
Found by * Search Engine *
Enjoyed * People *
I liked your site, really informative website, I enjoyed my visit, BSP Gallery Bookshop old and rare books. We have BOOKS AND MEMORABILIA including literature, performing arts, first editions, Pacificana, sport, cricket, music, antiques, military, shipping, aviation history, art, craft, Australian, old postcards. http://www.bspgallery.com.au
-Friday, November 05, 2004 at 09:34:52 (EST)
Brenda Lois Linfoot Miller
Louisville, Kentucky 40214 U.S.A.
Found by * Link *
Enjoyed * Album *
Was tracing family tree for Linfoot Family. And to my surprise I came across a Joe Linfoot here. My father's name was Joe Linfoot and my brother's name is Joe Linfoot. Geoff, was your family from England, mine was. Looking up sources! Faces are familiar! I might be reaching, however, it doesn't matter because i enjoyed your site so much! Great way to make sure the company you considered family, stay that way! Kudos to all of you! Enjoyed!
-Tuesday, November 02, 2004 at 15:38:42 (EST)
Found by * Magazine *
Enjoyed * All *
-Sunday, October 24, 2004 at 13:41:08 (EST)
Dick Hutchinson
Sydney, NSW Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Bloody fantastic!! A brilliant site. brings back a few memories. I never worked for ADASTRA but saw a lot of them during my time with Helicopter Utilities and later Rotorwork. A few familiar names on the site. Should be more like it.
-Thursday, October 21, 2004 at 20:31:29 (EST)
Paul Crispin
Chester, UK
Found by * Link *
Enjoyed * People *
Facinating stuff, and useful history of dH90 which is where I came in! Always love to read about the pragmatic pioneers like Lionel - as you say, better than a book
-Friday, October 01, 2004 at 19:05:34 (EST)
Geoff Lawrence
Knebworth Herts, England
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * People *
For me Adastra was someone I worked "for" but wasn't employed....I was a Huntng G & G geo out from England looking for uranium in the Kimberleys and Arnhem Land in 1969 onward....remember ultra-well peering, from some beautiful camp near Landsdowne, up at the moon as Apollo landed. Trouble is, so enraptured of the beauty and peace of the Kimberleys, I remember none of the names of the people I worked with, although the characters themselves,all, from Scot camp boss to real Aussie Chief Geoogist, Jet Ranger pilot (especialy as we had to escape fast from it when it set fire to the spinifex!) to the Polish surveyor, I recall vividly! The main job was for one of the companies that Tom Gurr had an interest in..International Oil I think, but later for Queensland Mines and others. Tom had met me in London and, as green as I was, had got me over to Western Australia (on one of those "for ever" 707 flights from Jo'Burg......Hunting used to send their geos and aircrew continualy around the globe.......and promoted me around the country as was his wont......but what experience....being around the nickel fields as Poseidon was beginning its run.....so green was I that I turned down Poseidon stock as payment for a geochem. appraisal.this was just weeks before Poseidon stock went from 6d to £40!!. Hunting had a big reunion back in 2001...even had some Aussie faces there..and I try to keep in touch just now and again with the Adastra and Hunting connection.......Dave Richards, Keith Jones, John Ashley, Steve Snodin, Tony Harding, Rod Marston, Brian Minter and many others my addled brain is struggling to recall.......
So.if any of you reading this is interested to chew over old exploration and survey times before computers (and for me, a life in remote sensing, now mostly for oil companies)took over the world...do get in touch......I'm in Australia about once a year.for work and visiting my now-Aussie daughter in Newcastle....
-Thursday, September 16, 2004 at 19:21:05 (EST)
Malcolm G. Barrett
HALLS HEAD, WA Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * People *
I was told of your website by Warren & Madeline Ide. I have not yet looked over the site fully, but look forward to doing so very soon. Cheers to all.
-Tuesday, September 14, 2004 at 22:50:11 (EST)
keith jones
Perth, Western Australia Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *
I worked for Huntings Geology and Geophysics from 1970 at Borehamwood and the name Adastra is very familiar as are the names of many of the people. I met up with Doug Morrison in Sydney and he told me of your website
-Thursday, August 19, 2004 at 16:25:27 (EST)
Lyndon Gordon
Lismore, NSW Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *
As an ex RAAF Photographer, returning to Australia after a twelve year absence working as a civilian aerial photo lab tech and then aerial-survey-photographer-navigator in many far away parts of the world, I was interested to read about the history of the industry I now find myself in here, back in Australia. I was referred to the web-site by John Wilson, a former photographic employee of ADASTRA, and now the aerial film processing expert who has his own company and processes all of the aerial film I shoot for my new employers.

How things have changed since ADASTRA operated ... but lenses are still being used in the sky, and we can expect silver-halide photographic film to remain in use for some time to come too. Anyway, I have never seen such a web-site, telling the history of an aerial survey company like the authors have done so well. Good work!
-Monday, August 16, 2004 at 22:47:47 (EST)
Colin Lock
Sydney, NSW Australia
Found by * Link *
Enjoyed * People *
I was very pleased to have found my way to the site. I am completing some research on Qantas Flight Engineers and your site has given me a few extra clues that I probably would not have found elsewhere.
-Monday, August 16, 2004 at 09:15:26 (EST)
David Watts
Blue Haven, NSW Australia
Found by * Search Engine *
Enjoyed * People *
I was prompted to look for Adastra after reading the article in June 2004 edition of FlyPast about Hudson A16-112 (VH-AIU). I look forward to reading more as the site devleops.
Good Luck
-Tuesday, July 13, 2004 at 22:32:46 (EST)
Arthur Morris
Brisbane, Qld Australia
Found by * Search Engine *
Enjoyed * People *
-Wednesday, July 07, 2004 at 14:54:41 (EST)
Found by * Link *
Enjoyed * People *

Luke Mitchell (Grandson of Bill Mitchell)
Keilor East, Vic Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *
Linda Drake (nee Gregory)
Anakie, QLD Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *

It is with sadness that I must tell you that my Mother Patricia Gregory passed peacefully away at Emerald Hospital Central Qld last Tuesday 27th April.
She had been diagnosed with Cancer in Sept last, and met the
challenge by enjoying every minute....she was seriously ill in February, but I was able to bring her home, and we've had an extra 6 wonderful weeks. Mother was buried at Anakie yesterday....and the Anakie Hotel rocked, she would have loved her send off....and maybe she had a bit of an eye on us anyway as she winged her way to the higher planes....
I will e-mail her Eulogy. Any of her old mates who would like to catch up are welcome to E-mail or phone me 0749854225 (H) or 07 49854472 (W)....a couple of weeks ago, I printed out some of the photo's on your site and we tripped down memory lane,
she was a great lady to the end...
Paul Coenraats
READING, Berkshire UK
Found by * Search Engine *
Enjoyed * Operations *

I liked the pictures of Ayres Rock. I did note that there is a view showing the Rock from a distance fro over a similar range/type of Rock. All the pictures I have ever seen of ayres seem to infer it is unique in that it is out there on its own. Not that it detracts from the view maybe i will get to see it on day.
Happy Landins always ........
From the other side of the Planet !!!!!!!!
Vishal Bhatt
Ahmedabad, Gujarat India
Found by * Link *
Enjoyed * Aircraft *
Such a great site and an example to other survey companies of that era. I especially enjoyed the flights of fancy.
Ken Snell
sydney, nsw Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *

Any further information with regards to adastra please email at above address. As an old employee of Adastra (1960-1971) I have found the site most interesting.
robert william mcharg
gold coast, QLD AUST
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * People *
John & Glenis Bertles
Canberra, ACT Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *

It was great. I came accross the site via a relative who had as a guest speaker, Maurie Miller who passed on the details
Leo (aka Joe) Tidey
Pomona, Qld Oz - where else?
Found by * Search Engine *
Enjoyed * All *

Amazing site! What a trip down memory lane! Unfortunately I have only limited internet access, but I'll return (often!) for more of the same.
Dave Bland
Newcastle, NSW Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *
Ken Stredwick
Latrobe, TAS Australia
Found by * Search Engine *
Enjoyed * People *

still alive!
Mike John
Piatra Neamt, Neamt Romania
Found by * Search Engine *
Enjoyed * All *

I was most interested to stumble across the site.
I was a navigator during 1974 and 1975, as your entry shows.
I can update some of your information. John Collins is shown as 1960 - 1967, but he was also flying during my time with the company.
John Ellerton came with the Civil absorption, and aws also with the company in 74 and 75. In 1977, he worked for BKS in Kano Nigeria.
Gordon Yorke followed Mike Woods, being an ex-Qantas pilot.
I flew with pilot Paul Johnson in Canberra in early 75, in the 206. Regretably, he died in an air crash in Papa New Guinea, I think in 1976.
I will find time shortly to fil you in on the time Peter Cowan had a horse in the bar in St. George, and the terrible shock John Messanger and I had after a hard days flying, to discover the terrible secret about the hotel we were staying in.
Then there was the time when John Collins, a very good pilot, took three attempts to get on line, only for me to discover I had pulled out his oxygen lead!
I can also remember the cook who was a little "emotional' one day (about 6 schooners emotional) who dropped the chicken, and served 30 second cooked steaks for lunch.
The look on Mike Woods face as we taxied out (Ian McNeill) in the Bonanza, bound for Coolangata, filled to the gunnals with baby equipment (high chair, cot, toys, a teddy bear pearing out of the window. His only comment was, "a typical Adastra crew departure!"
If your interested in the stories, let me know, Ill write them down.
Albert Cross
LAIDLEY, Queensland Australia
Found by * Search Engine *
Enjoyed * People *

I was particularly interested in the Hudson VH-AGO piloted by Joe Linfoot. I knew Joe and his wife Josephine, in Lae in 1956 where we farewelled him at the RSL the night before they departed for Australia. The date on the Ädastra Hudsons'site says the aircraft was disposed of on 24 Jun 1957. Was this the date it was taken off the books as I am sure I was still in Lae when it crashed at Horn Is and that would have to be between July 1 and Dec 31 1956?
Chris Chapman
Jakarta, Indonesia
Found by * Search Engine *
Enjoyed * People *
Pacific Engine Corporation
While searching for information on old family friend Lionel Van Praag I stumbled across your website. What a surprise to see photos of old friends from Adastra I met at Horn Island while I was a child. Wonderful site with wonderful memories. Keep it up. My interest in the old Hudsons is again rekindled.
Hardy Rennick
Berrigan, NSW Australia
Found by * Link *
Enjoyed * Album *

I enjoyed the album and I intend to keep an eye out for updates
Myra Gurney (nee Cattanach)
Sydney, NSW Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *

As the daughter of Alan Cattanach (now deceased) who was an aircraft engineer, I still remember when Dad worked for Adastra even though I was quite young. Over the years after he left the company, he and my mother Cathie, always had extremely fond memories of the company and the people he worked with. My memories are littered with various stories that I was told as I grew up of the journeys and the experiences he obviously treasured.
Reading the guestbook, someone remarked on the Christmas parties and even though I was very young, I too remember going to those at Mascot and also remember the hangar and the smell of avgas.
A terrific website. Well done.
Des Arms Davidson
Newcastle, NSW Australia
Found by * Magazine *
Enjoyed * All *
NBO Nelson Bay Online
Presentation,Information and Photos excellent.
Thanks for your efforts.Like most old and bold's I have
a lot of great memories.It was my good fortune learning to fly with Royal Newcastle Aero Club.
Russ Golding
Hervey Bay, QLD Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *

G'day Kevin. Didn't realise that you were such a colourful aviation personality, or that you looked so much like Pat.
Ron Golding
Jannali, NSW Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * Aircraft *

Very informative
John L. Marty
Birmingham, Ala USA
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * Album *

My brother Bob Marty was a Hudson pilot for ADASTRA.
Geoff Dunn
Brisbane, Qld Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * People *

Good work by all involved in getting the site set-up. I will try to find some photos to add.
Peter McNab
Melbourne, Vic Australia
Found by * Magazine *
Enjoyed * Aircraft *

I remember seeing VH-AGE at Wyndham probably early 1965 before the wet broke. Some of the crew at that time spoke French so I'm surposing they were French-Canadians. They ate at the 6-Mile pub and were secretive about where thay were surveying. It was deeply saddening to hear of the loss of aircraft and crew a year or so later.
Don Gillies
Sydney, n.s.w Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *

I had the pleasure of being the hanger boy at 15 years old from Jan 1949 for 3 months when I started my aircraft engineers apprenticeship at Qantas.Adastra had Ansons and Dragons in those days.I later joined Butler Air Transport as an engineer and later flew DC3s and F27s as a captain when the company had been taken over by Ansett.
Derek Minter
Henley-on-Thames, Oxon UK
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *

Such a great site and an example to other survey companies of that era
Brisbane, QLD Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *
I especially enjoyed the flights of fancy
Bob Rennick
Cheepie - 4475, QLD Aust
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *
Jim Roberts
Canberra, ACT Australia
Found by * Magazine *
Enjoyed * All *
Richard Rudd
nsurvey @tpg.com.au
Mareeba, Nth Qld Australia 4880
Found by * Magazine *
Enjoyed * All *

Was just thinking the other day.. there needs to be a book on the Austn aerial survey industry... and here you are, dealing with the major segment. In the '70s I flew with a Kiwi, Bruce Beale, last heard of in Auckland, when he was
working for Mapmakers PNG... he was an ex Adastra driver, and talked about the Hudsons. The last one I saw was at Horn Is, abandoned.
Bob Bleazby
Melbourne, Vic AUS
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * People *

I came to Adastra when Civil Aerial Surveys was sold to Adastra but we had been swapping mapsheets for convenience long before that time. Most of the people listed with note 10 came from Civil. They were fun times.
Richard (Dick) Hutchinson
Sydney, NSW Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *

Fantastic and very comprehensive sight.Did a few jobs with Adastra when I worked in the helicopter game. mainly on mineral exploration in the Australian outback and PNG.
Brings back a lot of memories. Like to hear from any ex HUPL or Rotorwork bods who might see this.
Eric Shipley
Winter Haven, Florida USA
Found by * Link *
Enjoyed * Company *

Would like to contact Derek Minter
Max Miller
Sydney, NSW Aust.
Found by * Search Engine *
Enjoyed * Aircraft *

As a former DCA (and subsequent title changes) Flight Service Officer from 1961 onward, had a little to do with Adastra. Delighted to see so much information preserved
Brian Smith
Gold Coast, Qld Australia
Found by * Link *
Enjoyed * All *

Brought back some great memories of comradeship with Wally, Jack, Shuftie and many others. Sometimes frightening for a young inexperienced engineer, but life was never dull in the Hudsons. Actually the damn things are still around, having done some work on the Long's VH-KOY here in Coolangatta.
Trevor Martin
Hervey Bay, QLD Australia
Found by * Magazine *
Enjoyed * All *

I worked for Ansett Airlines Mascot 1969 to demise last 6 yrs in hanger 13 I remember the hudsons well if anyone has any photos of the general area I would very much appreciate them as I have many fond memories of that area
Fred Witney
Jindera , NSW Australia
Found by * Search Engine *
Enjoyed * All *

Hi Ron .When I sent you this webb site a just knew it had your finger prints all over it.
Its a great site and good memories of when I serviced VH-EAA and the HS-125`s (and many more)at Mascot .
I have memories of Mascot (joged)from the photo of the two HS-125`s looking towards the three maintenance hangers ,(I slaved away in for over three years ).I had good timesat QANTAS and still maintain good friendships with a few engineers (now retired ) from the mid 1970`s.
Regards and thanks for the info you sent me on digital photography.
Ronald Ryan
Sunshine coast, Qld Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *

Our son flew with Van Vragg when operating in New Guinea in 1955,he was only 18 at the time, His name is Raymond Ryan,and the stories he sent us was hair raising but also interesting,and always glad he came home safley
Lindsay Rowlands
Armidale, NSW Australia
Found by * Search Engine *
Enjoyed * All *
I haven't yet read everything on this website but aim to digest it with relish. I was only a small kid when I made visits to Adastra but those memories are etched in my memory. I even took a few rides in the awesome Catalina and recall with horror my Dad's promises to fly under the harbour bridge in it ! Thanks to all the contributors for making this site such a treasure. If permitted I would like to commit the material here to CD ROM to preserve for my son - Clancy Sadaraka Kwaku Adastra Rowlands, currently aged five. He never got to meet his grandad so this is information about his heritage too.
Ray Ryan
Cronulla Sydney, NSW Australia
Found by * Search Engine *

Just discovered the site.....I worked for Adastra as a camera operator on Hudsons 1966-68.
Flew with Lionel in AGS out of Wewak,Brian Mc Grath in VH-SMO....I'm amazed and thrilled to find this site exists.
Suddenly such a link to the past really exists..thank you
Graham Nosworthy
Kyle Bay, NSW Australia
Found by * Magazine *
Enjoyed * People *

As a child of a long term employee I can remember well the fantastic Christmas parties with rides in the trailer behind the tow tug.I can also remember one day when I was about 12 years old and on school holidays and Dad called me at home from the hangar and said get on your bike and come to work as they had a job for me.When I arrived there they handed me a rivetting dolley and fed me into the tail cone section of the DC3 to dolley up some rivets where no one else could fit.I was very proud of my "pay packet" -a brown envelope with two shillings in it.
Ted Annand
Cairns, QLD Australia
Found by * Magazine *
Enjoyed * Aircraft *

when I was about 18 I was Learning to fly at Bankstown with Navair who owned Cessna 210/5 VH-KMF which was on lease to Adastra. I was always hanging round the Adastra hanger trying to learn as much as I could from the pilots.
Great site and brings it all back to me
Bob Fell
Perth, WA Australia
Found by * Magazine *
Enjoyed * People *

I was Postmaster in Halls Creek WA during 1966-69. We regularly had one of your aircraft and crew there for extended periods. Unfortunately I don't remember the names but I thought there was a Gregory {surname} there. Thoroughly enjoyed the info on your site.
Peter Revson
Caringbah, NSW Australia
Found by * Search Engine *
Enjoyed * All *

To be quite honest, I had been trying to locate information about my late uncle for sometime but, to no avail!
This particular time I was surfing the net for information on Vietnam Air, and by accident came across the Adastra Site and glimsed the name of Ken Rowlands.
I could not believe my luck – after all this time of searching!
As a young child, I can always remember my late mother Betty, Ken's sister, telling me stories of uncle Ken's exploits. I looked up to him as the swash-buckling hero of the skies and wanted to be just like him. I still do!
I am deeply touched by what I have seen and read of my late uncle, and to know that he has been remembered with a great fondness.
I feel I have come closer to him than ever before and know that he is in a better place next to my mother.
Thank you so much to all. It's a wonderful tribute to the men and woman who helped pionere our great country.


Peter Revson
(previously Cotterill)

P.S. Please feel free to e-mail me as I would love to find out more about my late uncle and of course view more photos if there are any.
Paul Golfis
Melbourne, Vic Australia
Found by * Magazine *
Enjoyed * Aircraft *

Great site. I was wondering if you were aware that the chap who bought Mustang VH-AGJ was Frank Borman, Gemini and Apollo8 Astronaut? Or am I stating the obvious?!
Sydney, NSW Australia
Found by * Magazine *
Enjoyed * Aircraft *

Great site brings back memories of my Qantas days in the 50's. I have photo's of some of your aircraft taken then.
Barry Ker
Sunshine Coast., Queensland Australia
Found by * Magazine *
Enjoyed * Aircraft *

As a retired GA pilot, who flew 1950 to 1993, I found lots of nostalgia. Congratulations on your project. There should be more of it.
Scott Woolbank
Conondale, Qld Australia
Found by * Magazine *
Enjoyed * Aircraft *

Brought back memories of when I worked at Mascot 1954-1961
Alan Eason
Maryborough, Qld Aust
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *

I located the site curtesy Ian Davies..Yes the same one,I`ve heard so many Adastra stories from him,This site is a welcome extension of those stories..Good work!
Allan Walker
Melbourne, Vic Australia
Found by * Search Engine *
Enjoyed * All *

A great site, it brings back a lot of memories. I was a Hudson & DC-3 pilot with Adastra in 1965 & 66.
Wal Bowles
Allgomera via Macksville, NSW Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *

Congratulations to Ron, Mike and Kevin and to all contributors who have made this site so remarkable. As one who flew as a pilot with Adastra in the early 1960's I am grateful to have worked with such professional people. The experience(s) has been excellent background for all of my working life and will stand me in good stead for my next career!
Bill Critch
Tucson, Arizona USA
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * Aircraft *

Amazing history of the pioneer in Australian aerial surveying.
If it wasn't for one of your long term employee's encouragement, I would never have stayed in aviation. As it is, I stayed close to 40 years!
Len Howle
perth, wa oz
Found by * Link *
Enjoyed * Anecdotes *

Weird- seeing the photos of people- important in my life 40 years ago -long forgotten & reliving the- "dodging the Grim Reaper stories"which were part & parcel of the life of adastra aircrews Thks to Jim Hilferty for putting me on to this site
Peter Shute
Brisbane, Queensland Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *

A great site. Amazed at the number of people employed by Adastra over the years.
Nicole Dillon (nee Pares)
Sydney, NSW Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *

Pop(Lou Pares) always had a story about Adastra & its team to amuse, or educate us.
Carole Donovan
San Jose, California USA
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * Album *

I worked on survey crew for Geometrics out of the US and Sydney office for 8 years and for Barringer Surveys out of the US for 6 years. I met a lot of your crew members over the years. It is nice to see we are all still around. I looked thru some old photos I had of the "old days" and a lot of great memories came back. Doug Morrison from the Sydney office told me about your site. Thanks for keeping the survey days alive.
I am still in the mapping business, I am the cartographer for a civil engineering company out of San Jose, California. I do all the mapping. I keep them laughing with stories of my old survey days out in the boondocks of Derby and Carnarvon and Fitzroy Crossing etc.

If there are any of your that live in the USA call me anytime to talk about the old days. Or email me anytime to chat.
I keep in touch with a few of the Geometrics people, Peter Lilley lives over here and so does Bob Fowler. They were out of our USA office. Doug lives in Sydney and another "old mate" Roger Henderson still lives in Sydney.

Thanks again for your page, it is great.

Carole Donovan, avid survey crew member ha ha
Kevin Patrick
Melbourne, VIC Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Australian Aviation
A wonderful aviation history resource - I will gladly profile this excellent site in my 'Wings on the Web' column for Australian Aviation magazine.

Everyone involved is to be commended for the breadth & quality of information contained in this tribute to Adastra - I hope it will continue to grow and expand as more aviation enthusiasts become aware of it.

- Kevin Patrick
Brian Costello
Brisbane, Queensland Australia
Found by * Search Engine *
Enjoyed * All *

As an ex Adastrian this site is truly great. Such a great honour to have known and flown with these people.
Brian Costello 1966 to 1972. camera operator, navigator, pilot DGD (C206) AGA (aero commander) and Hudsons
Tess McEwan
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *

Thank you Ron, first for producing a website which is so easy for a new browser to use, so comprehensive, and, most of all, for giving faces and stories (ergo personalities)to names my brother, Kevin Pavlich, so often mentioned.
Patricia Jones
Sydney, NSW Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * Projects *
Rosemary Peters
Perth, WA Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *

I am the daughter of Cec Mohr. Kevin kindly sent my mother a copy of the last newsletter. Dad is in a nursing home & will be 90 in September. I will print out information from this website & show it to him.

Ian Smart
Goolwa, Sth Aust Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *

Answered many questions for me. Great to see the photos of some of the chaps I knew while at Tennant Ck. More hours of viewing to come for me. Congratulations . A great site to visit.Will be up your way in two months. Staying with Philip Van Geldren and his family thanks to contact through you.
Geoffrey Barnes
Canberra, ACT Australia
Found by * Link *
Enjoyed * People *

I worked as Camera Operator in the darkrooms at Mascot in 1975. Loved that job and now I fly as a private pilot.
Great to see Adastra remembered.
Geoff Barnes
David Legg
Crawley Down, West Sussex United Kingdom
Found by * Word of Mouth *

Got details from Doug Morrison. Great stuff on Catalinas - well done. My own interest is as a Catalina fanatic. Re VH-AGB - when this aircraft was still CF-GKI it visited Croydon as well as its work in Dublin as per your site.
Peter Lilley
Sutter Creek, CA USA
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *

Altogether a great site. Keep it up. Having met some of Ex
Adastra personnel whilst working in Oz for GIC in the 1970's
brought back great memories. Hopefully the site will expand
over time. Also suggest you include a list of ALL former employees if possible. Keep up the good work.
Doug Morrison
Sydney, NSW Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *

Ron Mike Kevin. Great to see site up and running. Doug Morrison
Ted McKenzie
Mandurah, WA Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *

What a great format you have put together. A real source of pleasure especially for us old hasbins! Thanks Ron and all others associated.
Kevin J. Pavlich
Sydney, NSW Australia
Found by * Word of Mouth *
Enjoyed * All *
Adastra Aerial Surveys
Thought it would never happen.
Thank you Ron and all contributors, Adastrian, Nova Adastrian and non Adastrian.