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by Ron Cuskelly

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Thursday 25th January 2007 saw your webmaster venturing south of the border to attend my second RAC luncheon at the Brighton-Le-Sands RSL Club. It wasn't long before it was brought to my attention that I was the youngest present! Most of the guests were familiar from my previous visit but it was particularly pleasing to finally meet some other Adastrians whom I had known only as website contributors previously. It was great to catch up again with Kevin Pavlich who has done so much to ensure that there is meat on the bones of the Adastra website. These days, Kevin remembers his aerial survey days by travelling around in a different type of vehicle but still with an onboard oxygen supply! Another Adastrian who made a special effort to attend was Alex Whitworth who was still recovering from injuries sustained during his return from Hobart when the good ship Berrimilla performed a slow roll below sea level! Others too, travelled from afar and under difficult circumstances so I was greatly honoured by such a large attendance. Apparently, those present thought that my labour of love in recording the history of a special company of special people was worthy of some sort of recognition and as a result my desk is now adorned with a most elegant pen set bearing the ADASTRON name. I literally use it every day and it will always remind me of my special Adastrian friends. Thank you gentlemen.


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Thanks to David Watts for the images.


(For the record, Elmo Phipps arrived after the card was finalised!)


The pen and pen holder presented to Ron Cuskelly