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Ken Richards joined Adastra as a technician on the Prince G-AMLW at Port Lincoln in 1955. Other members of the crew were: Al Palmer (Hunting Technician), Steve Halloran (Adastra Technician), Derek Middleton (Hunting Engineer), Bob Keeling (Hunting Pilot) and Jack Tierney (Adastra Navigator).

In 1956, Ken and Bob Love took the EM bird from Cambridge to Rosebery for operations out of Queenstown and Rosebery by the chartered ANA Sycamore helicopter VH-INO which was flown by Max Holyman and later Jim Ferguson. Les Snape joined the crew as a Technician.

In August 1956, Ken went to Canada for electronics equipment familiarisation with the Photo Survey Corporation/Kentings prior to the delivery of Canso CF-GKI to Australia. While in Canada they operated out of Toronto and Kapuskasing.

After the Canso arrived in Australia, aerials and equipment were installed and the aircraft commenced survey work as VH-AGB. Technicians who served on the aircraft included Bill Kellaway, Ted Roberts and Maurie Miller.

Ken later did a follow-up ground survey with John Bertles using harness type EM equipment.

In June 1958 Ken married Imelda Russell from the Adastra office. Ken left Adastra in late 1959 to join the CSIRO. He was succeeded as technician on VH-AGB by Maurie Miller.


Biography supplied by Ken Richards, June 2004