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by Maurice Miller


One of the problems of low level magnetometer surveys (particularly on oil surveys) was to obtain a smooth trace on the recorders. For this reason it was essential to start at first light before the turbulence became impossible.

This caused a problem with early breakfast. Some pubs gave us access to the kitchen, others did not, but would supply us with food to take with us. Catalina VH-AGB had two hot plates amidships so we were supplied with coffee plus a 5 litre tin (approx) of pea and ham soup. We had this for about a week and it was changed to eggs and bread.

The eggs were to be hard boiled and put on bread. I was not too fond of hard boiled eggs so I scrambled mine in a 400 ft. film tin and toasted bread on the hot plate. Soon everybody wanted the same. Fortunately we all took turns in the cooking.

Maurie Miller
September 2003



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