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by Maurice Miller


One of our leased Sydney Morning Herald Hudsons had to go from Adastra to its base at Camden regarding maintenance paper work, Jack McDonald asked me to accompany Keith Cooper (the pilot) for the flight. After completing the task we left Camden for the return flight and had barely got airborne when the port engine propeller began to feather and unfeather automatically, Keith stopped it by switching off the main battery and we continued without much bother. As we approached Liverpool, Keith had to switch on the battery to call Mascot tower for landing instructions and the propeller did its tricks again, unfortunately we were told to hold until landing was available, Keith under these conditions had to inform the tower of the problem and was given instructions to come straight in, this he did and only switched the battery off after the gear was down before landing. At Adastra's terminal, Les Sheffield and I commenced to pull out the relay, but the DCA people were around in quick time and quarantined the aircraft.

Maurice Miller
April 2003



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