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by Rick Geary


I've developed strong memories of my time with Adastra, perhaps as we get older, in an attempt to return to our youth, we more fondly remember various phases of our life. I live in Canberra and I'm fortunate to be able to visit 'AGP' at the War Memorial whenever I want and I sit in the new hall on the balcony overlooking her and enjoy the memories. I'm afraid I don't have any mementos stored away.

For what it's worth, I visited the RAF Museum at Hendon in September 1986 and was allowed to go on board 'AGJ'. While externally it's painted in military colours, the inside was / is a totally different story! It was exactly the same paintwork, scratches etc. as the last time I flew it in 1969. What was perhaps really significant (and this may have been noted by the curators) were, affixed to the bulkhead dividing the 'Nav' compartment and the passenger cabin, two VB labels from wet stubbies which I personally saw Alex Whitworth (Nav) place there in 1968. While employed as an Airworthiness Surveyor by the CAA in 1986 or 1987 I saw the log books of 'AGP' in Melbourne and saw page after page of my signature for daily inspections of the aircraft.

Rick Geary
9th February 2003

Rick's photos of AGJ at Hendon



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