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Lionel's Brush with the Law

by Wal Bowles


Lionel Van Praag was a world champion motor cycle dirt track rider. He was much more well known than say, Wayne Gardner or any other current motor cycle world champion. The Hudson had a useful carrying capacity and Lionel would invariably have a motor cycle on board so that he would have surface transport wherever he landed. During the 1960s, Lionel then being about 65 years of age, was temporarily based in Sydney and was riding his motor cycle around General Homes Drive, south of Sydney Airport at about 10 pm. In those days there was very little traffic in that area at that time of the evening. Lionel was stopped by a young motor cycle cop. This surprised Lionel – he had not been exceeding the speed limit, and he was unaware of any other traffic misdemeanour. On request, Lionel produced his licence, and the name Lionel Van Praag meant nothing to this young member of the constabulary. “What’s the problem officer?” asked Lionel. “Well, sir, back there you changed lanes without giving a signal. I won’t take any action on this occasion, but I was following you for quite a distance and, if you don’t mind me saying so sir, I suggest you take a few more riding lessons – I think you are positively dangerous!”

It's probably just as well that Lionel's response is not recorded.

Wal Bowles
September 2006


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