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Roma District, Queensland

November 1959 - February 1960


Researched by Doug Morrison

Sourced from an Operational Report issued by Adastra Airways Pty Ltd
held by
DIGS database, State of New South Wales and Department of Planning and Environment


Client The Union Oil Company of California
Operator Adastra Airways Pty Ltd
Aircraft Canso VH-AGB
Equipment Gulf Mk III Magnetometer
APN-1 Radio Altimeter

Vinten 35mm Tracking Camera
Lens: f2 / 28mm
Shutter Speed: 1/250 second
Format: 18mm x 25mm
Film: Kodak Plus X 80ASA
Processing by: Associated Film Printers, Moore Park, Sydney
Emergency Equipment Emergency Rations Kit
Emergency Transmitter ("Gibson Girl")
Full Water Tank
Verey Pistol and Cartridges
Base/s Roma, St George, Oakey
Captain/Expedition Manager K. Rowlands
Second Pilot B. Sellick
Navigator K. Pavlich
Senior Technician M. Miller
Equipment Operator A. Burgess
Engineer R. Cozens
Area 8,000 square miles (approximately)
Linear Miles 10,000 miles
Altitude 2,000 feet AMSL
Commenced 25 November 1959
Completed 11 February 1960
Notes During the period of the survey the aircraft was only unserviceable on one day, 4 January 1960, when the oil coller on the port engine failed.

The weather on the whole was satisfactory for magnetometer work, but owing to extreme turbulence which occurred in the late mornings, sorties were started at first light and continued as long as possible. Magnetic disturbances during the period of the survey were responsible for the loss of 10 days flying.