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CD-ROM "FROM THE SKIES" (ISBN: 1920907297)
In 1943, Adastra were contracted by the New South Wales Main Roads Department to conduct aerial photography of the City of Sydney and Environs. The survey was flown in May and June of 1943 at a cost of 612. The resultant photographs survive to this day in the archives of the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW. In recognition of the historical value of these wartime images, the RTA recently produced a CD which presents the images with an easily navigable interface. The CD is titled "From the skies" (cover depicted above) and copies can be purchased online from the RTA website:


The cost is AU$39.95 plus handling. (Online purchasers will need to open an account but there is no additional charge for this). Quite apart from its historical interest for Sydney residents, the CD is also a lasting reminder of Adastra's handiwork.

The following selection of photographs from the CD is reproduced with permission from the RTA Photo-Geo Unit. Although there is nothing on the photographs to indicate which aircraft was used, it was most likely the Waco YKS-6 VH-UYD and/or the de Havilland DH90 Dragonfly VH-AAD.

Special thanks to Chris Woodham of the RTA for his assistance with this article.


Homebush Bay
Sydney CBD

A selection of Adastra's 1943 aerial photographs of Sydney
(Click for a larger image)


Readers requiring aerial photographs of other areas of Australia should visit the website of United Photo & Graphics. This organisation has been contracted by Geoscience Australia to preserve and make available aerial photography from numerous Australian agencies.


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